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Top dermatologists confirm expensive collagen creams aren’t worth the money

They explain : collagen fibers are too large and simply can’t penetrate your skin layers. Most fibers end up sitting on the surface of your skin. That’s why it’s key to feed your skin from the inside out.

Skin Replenishment Slows as You Age

Angelique Leblanc,
Geneva B eauty Institute

Every 39 days, the outer layer skin cells are replaced by skin cells coming from the deeper layers of your skin.

But, studies show that after you reach age 50…it takes 50% longer than normal to replace the skin cells of your outer skin layer.

That’s not the only thing working a little slower. As you age, the lipids and ceramides, which make up the “cement mix” of your skin aren’t created as readily or fully either. What this means for you is that your skin has a harder time retaining moisture – that’s bad! But there’s another danger to your skin …

Chronic oxidative stress and inflammation are busy wearing your skin down too. In particular, the collagen in your skin, which is the main structural skin protein and the elastin in your skin (gives it springiness), don’t work like they used to.

All told, this contributes to loss of moisture in your skin – especially the outer layer. Remember, that’s what everyone sees. As your skin dries out and is bombarded by oxidative stress it leads to a cascade effect that grooves in more wrinkles, lines, and signs of aging.

Upon reading this, any sane person would conclude they should run out and buy a good moisturizer. But wait! At first glance that seems smart, but you’ll needlessly spend your money. There’s a better way.

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